Every business have their story to tell , here is ours

Alot of people asked why Little Flower not Big Flower :), becos Little Flower started from a traditional and conventional little flower shop from the HDB, selling in a little corner of the wet market serving the mass community in the 1990s.When we first established Little Flower in 2006, is the realisation of a simple dream of a beloved mother whom hope to have a flower shop of her own. This dream of hers brings miracle to her family and Little Flower is blessed to have the support and love from many people over the last 10 years and our team sincerely appreciated it deep inside our heart.

Our team hope to connect to more people in the world using our creation and our love of flowers. Simplicity & Freshness is the principal of our creations. Flowers are the most amazing and beautiful elements that makes the journey of floral design fascinating and exciting for us. We hope this life-changing experience can continue to bring joy to our beloved customers and their loved ones.Our team strive to give our customers flowers so fresh, they encapsulate the unbridled glory and beauty of nature, yet presented in our own unique and stylish packaging, creating a art piece that is wonderfully original and wildly appealing.

The Little Flower Shop Cafe & Bar

With the extension of our love of flowers, We established the first authentic flower cafe in Singapore in 2014 with “Everything About Flowers ” as the main vision of the cafe. From Visual, Taste, Fragrance & Touch for our valued customer to experience flowers with their choices. Presenting this cafe with a 10 years of planning making this another milestone for Little Flower and we are proud of this accomplishment, also we are thankful to all customers whom once stepped into this little creation of ours and shared the joy. Thank You.

Our clients