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Shop Preserved Flowers in Singapore


Preserved flowers are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore due to their long-lasting life, unique beauty, touch of elegance, and ease of maintenance. In contrast to fresh flower bouquets, preserved flowers require little care, allowing more time to enjoy and appreciate their beauty without worrying about them wilting. Everlasting preserved flowers are the perfect gift to symbolise your everlasting love for your loved one. Make them feel as special as the extraordinary preserved flowers we offer at The Little Flower Shop.

Everlasting Flowers for Everlasting Memories

We all know that the beauty of flowers will one day fade away. But what if you could get one that stays flourishing for an everlasting time? Yes, getting your hands on a one-of-a-kind flower like this is possible in our little flower shop in Singapore. We offer a range of everlasting flowers that have undergone preservation processes to retain the flower's shape and colours over time, hence their name, as their beauty never fades. They are certainly a gift to be cherished. 

Furthermore, everlasting flowers don't just make beautiful gifts, but they can also be used as displays. This gives the recipient a lasting reminder of your relationship, which will undoubtedly create a lasting impression and sweeten the memory of your relationship with them. Either way, our everlasting flowers help create everlasting memories for all our customers in Singapore. 

Preserved Flowers For All Occasions in Singapore

Whether you’re looking for a flower to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day in Singapore, we’ve got you covered. We offer a range of beautifully presented preserved flowers of various colours, shapes, sizes, and designs, that are perfect for every occasion. Be it placed in a flower box or glass dome, the beauty and elegance of these flowers will surely stand out and brighten the mood. Put an everlasting smile on your loved one’s face on a very special day by getting everlasting flowers from our selection. 

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