The Little Flower Care :

  • A Little Water
    • The water in the arrangement could only last for two days. Add in some water through the middle of the arrangement.
  • A Little Care
    • Do not place flowers in direct sunlight or near any other source of excessive heat.
    • Do not place flowers under/ facing direct fan or wind.
  • A Little Love
    • Check the water level daily and replenish as needed.
  • A Little Sprinkle
    • All flowers benefit from a daily mist of water.

Always by your side

Special Tonic, a cute teddy and accompanied with beautiful cheerful floral arrangement for good health and good spirits.

Flower types: Kenya Roses, Wax flower, wild flowers & Foliages

P.S : Seasonal flowers are always our first choice for our creations.

***In View of COVID-19 situation, Self Collection and Walk-in order will not be accepted.

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