Approximate diameter:

Standard - 20cm(W)

The Little Flower Care :

    • A Little Love
      • Preserved Flowers do not need any water. Please keep them away from humidity and moisture.
      • Do not drop any essence on them.
    • A Little Care
      • Do not place flowers in direct sunlight or near any other source of excessive heat for everlasting effect.
      • Do not put the flowers under or facing direct fan and wind.

    Great Health Booster

    Special Curated Healthy Gift.

    Presenting Eu Yan Sang Chicken of Essence with Goji and Red Dates for great health and Eu Yan Sang Radiance Bird's Nest Classic Rock Sugarfor beauty. Express your love with French liqueur, Bénédictine DOM making the special occasion relaxing and mind blowing. Accompanied with Seasonal Fruits.

    Hamper Content :

    - Eu Yan Sang Chicken of Essence with Goji and Red Dates (6x70g bottles/box)- 100% Essence of Chicken  (Retail - $22.90)

    - Eu Yan Sang Radiance Bird's Nest Classic Rock Sugar (230g)- Water, Rock Sugar, Bird's Nest (Retail - $59.90)

    Seasonal Exotic FruitsOranges, Apples, Grapes, Kiwi and Strawberry

    - Preserved Floral Bouquet. -You may change preserved floral bouquet to fresh flower bouquet worth ($60)

    - Bénédictine DOM (750ml)

    P.S : Seasonal flowers are always our first choice for our creations. 

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